Frequently Asked Questions


Generally, the waitlist is about one year from the time you join. The kittens can go to their new homes between 15-16 wks of age after weaning, ready to depart from their mother and littermates, and neutered. For example, if you wait until October to join your kitten may be ready in October the following year. So, plan ahead for Easter and Christmas, don't wait too long to join the waitlist. There is a fast pass option for purchase see below.  


We have a waitlist that is growing with each passing day. The waitlist and priority to choose the desired kitten goes in a first come, first served basis. You should apply to join the waitlist as soon as you decide that you want a Siberian kitten.  The waitlist is continuous, which means the timing of the birth of future litters cannot be accurately predicted at this time but those approaching the top of the waitlist will be notified privately as their litter progresses.  Your perfect kitten will be well worth the wait. There is an option to jump ahead of the waitlist. If you wish to jump to number three on the waitlist there is a $500 fast pass fee and if you wish to jump to number one on the waitlist there is a $1,000 fee. There are limited "urgent" slots available to jump ahead so make your choice known as soon as possible in order to obtain the slot you desire.     



These Siberian cats are purebred to maintain their Hypoallergenic qualities, breed standards, friendly personalities, and beauty which is why they are so very special.


The cost of each kitten is $2,000, plus the required purchase of mandatory early veterinarian care which is an additional $500. 

The mandatory early veterinarian care includes the following:

Veterinarian physical exams at each visit and any medical care for issues that arise while under our care

FVRCP x 2 doses (third dose due at 16 weeks after going to new home)

FeLV/FIV Testing

Spay/ Neutering

Recovery care after surgery 

Once the kitten is home with the new owner, the next vaccines are due at 16 weeks of age. The kitten will need the third and final FVRCP and Rabies Vaccine at that time.

All cost estimates are subject to change without notice prior to entering into a written Kitten Purchase Agreement with Magic Siberians.

We understand the price shock may be severe.  Please know that this price point has been established based on numerous factors including the rarity of our cat breed, coloration, superior genetic make up, expenses to import breeding cats, increased costs for breeding rights, top notch daily food and care, pet health insurance, wellness care, routine and emergency veterinary care, as well as the current market prices.

The waitlist time is helpful in spacing out the payments on a schedule or saving up the funds. You can pay ahead of schedule, but the below are the minimum requirements on the kitten payment timetable.

    $100     Initial Deposit with waitlist application - refundable in the event of a           

                 catastrophic event such as a stillborn litter.  Otherwise, non-refundable as it holds

                 your place on the waitlist and denies others that priority.

    $500     First Installment - Kitten Reservation payment  - after the kittens are born, around 

                  10-12 weeks old the waitlisted families next in line will be sent photos of each                        kitten and they can choose which kitten they would like to reserve. Priority is                          given on a first-come, first-serve basis by date of initial deposit and approved                          application or fast pass purchase.  

     $500    Second installment payment is due when your kitten is 14 weeks old and will go

                  towards the early vet care including neutering and vaccines.  

     $1400  Remainder is due in full prior to pickup, drop off, or other transport of the kitten

                 from our cattery. 


Please also keep in mind while you are considering the financial aspect of this investment, shipping (third party) would incur additional costs.  

You may pick up in McKinney, Texas 75071 for free of course.  


Yes, your kitten comes with a 1-year limited health guarantee in the rare event that a genetically related health problem arises. Both veterinarian documentation of the genetic disorder and verification of continued veterinarian care under your wellness plan will be required. The resolution would be offering a replacement kitten. No refunds will be granted.

Communicable viruses, diseases, other illnesses, injuries, or any problems from a lack of veterinarian care do not apply after the kitten leaves our cattery since those are out of our control. For these reasons we strongly recommend the wellness plan and getting pet health insurance like Trupanion, Lemonade, or Petplan to begin on the day the kitten is in your possession or that of your courier.  


We are based out of Dallas, Texas.  If you live or can meet in the Dallas area, we offer free delivery up to 25 miles from McKinney, Texas, zip code 75071 (including a local airport) which can save you between $300-$500 in courier services.  You would also have the option to  drive to the area and pick up your kitten .


Do you or a family member have cat allergies or asthma?  If so, it is recommended to first order a fur sample to test your allergies at home.  The cost is $20 (payable through Zelle, Paypal, or Venmo using the email address as the recipient). We have created a video on Youtube to demonstrate how to do the allergy testing at home.

Refunds or returns cannot be granted if allergies are discovered after purchasing a kitten. So, please do your due diligence to figure this out before hand. 



Email us to request the application .pdf form.  The application is nothing scary.  It will just help us know your needs and preferences.  When you've completed the application, return it and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit.  Your name will be placed on the waitlist for the next litter with available slots.   



In order to actually get on the waitlist, please return the application with the initial deposit of $100 (payable through Zelle or Venmo (or Paypal with 5% added), using the email address as the recipient). Once payment is received and your application is approved, your name will be placed on the waitlist in the order of date the payment was received.  


The $100 deposit would be to hold your spot on the waiting list which would also be denying that preference spot to someone else. The waitlist deposit is nonrefundable.  



No, because when estimating how alive, biological beings will procreate is challenging.  There are many factors of nature that are out of our control like the timing of heat cycles for the queens or fertility of the stud, etc.

God forbid, but there is always a chance one or an entire litter could be stillborn, thus being on the waitlist doesn't guarantee that you will 100% obtain a kitten in that litter or on the estimated timeline. In the rare event, something like a stillborn litter happens the $100 would be refundable or you can choose to apply that toward the next litter option. Of course, the goal is to have a healthy, strong litter that will provide you with your dream kitten.  


After the kittens are born and survive for about 2-3 months, the waitlist people will be able to choose their kitten in the order that their initial deposit and application were received. We send out photos privately to the waitlisted folks that are next in line.  

Upon reserving a specific kitten there is a $500 non-refundable installment payment due.  


We understand you may be still shopping around and may decide to go with another breeder.  This is why the initial deposit is small compared to the other installment payments. Your spot on the waitlist would still be months away, so hopefully, you will know which breeder you plan to go with soon. Don't delay getting on the waitlist, because it is growing every week.  Plan ahead for next Easter or Christmas!


If all is going smoothly and the litter is born but there is not a dream kitten for you, you can roll all of your payments into the final cost of the kitten you pick from the next litter.  You may pass up to two litters.


Please note a litter of kittens can have 1-8 babies and being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee you will get a kitten at the next “available” litter.  If you are number 5 on the waitlist but the litter only has 4 kittens, you will be first in line for the following litter.  You may also pass for up to two litters and choose a kitten from the following litter.