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Adult Female Siberian Cat 

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$2,300   Thays is 6 years old and in excellent health. She is easy going, quiet, loving, and enjoys a peaceful home. Siberians can live to 18 years of age when kept indoors. She has a lot of life and spunk in her. Sometimes she likes to play like a kitten. Other times she prefers to sit next to, or on the lap of her loving humans. She doesn't like dogs, and would prefer to be an only pet after living amongst many cats for so long. She is a hypoallergenic, purebred Siberian, with no behavior problems, and is ready to go to a new loving home. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccines. She is not declawed, and will not go to a home that will declaw.  

Allergy Test Kit

$50    Our allergy test kit includes freshly brushed fur directly off our purebred adult Siberian cats; the parents of your future kitten. There is enough fur to test two people per kit. We also send printed instructions, and have a youtube video to the left further explaining how to perform your in home test using our kit. Feel free to fast forward the video to 1:58. Some things are out of date, but the allergy testing info is still accurate. The price fluctuates quite a bit throughout the year based on supply and demand.


$3,500    Join the waitlist as soon as you are certain you'd like one of our kittens. The waitlist is growing each day and priority is based in order of join date. 

These photos are from previous litters. All of our kittens have bright blue eyes, mostly white coats, with gray ears, tails, and mask like markings on thier faces and legs.  

The next litter with available slots will be able to go to your home in January 2025.