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Are Hypoallergenic cats real?

Yes, For Most People!







True Story 

     We never thought our family would ever get to have a pet.

Especially not a CAT due to my severe allergies.  

     I was "born with" severe asthma, allergies, and eczema also known as atopic syndrome. My childhood was full of illnesses, emergency room trips, pneumonia, medications, allergy shots, nebulizer treatments, and avoiding all animals with fur, feathers, or hair along with many plants and foods.  

     The allergies and asthma improved by about 50% as I grew older. Not because I "outgrew" the atopic syndrome, but because I learned how to better manage it by avoiding my triggers and vigorous self-care. I started to carefully plan ahead in order to properly take the regimen of prescribed medications and ointments with diligence. I was on oral steroids for a few years as a teen that enabled me to feel almost normal for a while but the scary side effects prompted me to get off of them.

     I still use inhaled steroids seasonally when needed, even though my allergies and asthma are year-round, indoor, and outdoor. I just have some seasons when my symptoms are horrible and other seasons when my symptoms are a nagging annoyance. I am certain someone out there can relate to this story... am I right?  

     I am now the mother of three energetic and healthy sons. Thank God my children didn't inherit my atopic tendencies. I have always felt a pang of sorrow that they could never experience the joy of having a pet. We all absolutely adore all animals. My sons always ask to pet every dog or stray cat we pass during our walks outside.  They have been desperate for years to have a pet, craving animal interaction and affection.  

     After three years of research, allergy testing for myself, doctor appointments, and allergy shots, we finally now have a sweet beautiful kitten in our family. Our kitty is named Storm because she is fluffy like a cloud, has grey tipped ears and tail like a swirly storm brewing, and her eyes are blue as the sky. She is growing fast and is so playful, affectionate, and soft. She brings us joy, laughter, playfulness, purrs, and snuggles. Like Magic, my allergies have not worsened at all in the months we have lived with Stormy in our home. She even sleeps in my bed, right above my head on my pillow to "watch over me" as my youngest son says. Of course, once you get your kitten you can have healthy boundaries and sleep like a normal person.  

     You can watch Storm grow by following her Instagram & Facebook pages, as well as our YouTube channel.  One day soon she will become an adult cat and ready to have babies herself. Storm is our future queen and has award winning, show stopping genetics that result in unparalleled beauty and temperament. You need a Siberian kitten in your life. I sure do!

     I am truly amazed that this breed is not causing my allergies, eczema, or asthma to flare up. 

My goal of breeding Siberians is to bring the joy of having a beautiful pet to the families and people of Texas and beyond (with or without allergies) that need a little more love and play in their family. Here comes your kitty!

For more information about the Siberian breed see The Cat Fancier Association Breed Profile 


Warning -- You are becoming a Cat Fancier  

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