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Bring Magic Home


Cat Allergies and Asthma no longer prevent families
from the JOY of a Loving and Playful Kitten
Most allergy sufferers are NOT allergic to Siberian cats. 
See the personal story in the video below.

Looking for a furry companion that is unique and magical? Look no further than our available Magic Siberian kittens! With their striking white, gray coats and piercing blue eyes, these kittens are sure to turn heads wherever you go. The pick of the litter and waitlist order is first come first served. So don't wait to make your choice and secure your spot in line for one of our specialty, pre-order litters.

Look around our website to learn more about our Magic Siberian kittens, and check out our FAQ page for information about total cost, included veterinarian care, and how to join the waitlist for future litters.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to bring a magical new companion home

- act now and make one of our Magic Siberian kittens a part of your family!

Get the Pick of the Litter.

Reserve your priority spot on the waitlist, today! 

Our Magic Siberians kittens are simply amazing, my friends. It's the perfect pet for anyone with a busy lifestyle or for those who just need a loving companion. These cats have such friendly personalities and make excellent emotional support animals. They love to follow their human companions around, always wanting to be close to them. In fact, they prefer to be in the same room with their favorite humans, seeking attention and love. And get this, they even run to greet you at the door when you get home.

A Siberian kitten is the purrrfect pet for a busy family, or a loving companion for a single person. The friendly personalities of this breed make excellent emotional support petsSiberians tend to be very affectionate and are known to follow their people around; always wanting to be close to their family.
They prefer to be in the same room with their favorite humans; seeking out attention and love. They are considered to be very dog like in their behavior towards humans.
Most will actually run to greet you at the door when you get home from being out.     

Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Youtube for updates for the upcoming litter. There is so much misinformation online about which cats are hypoallergenic, or even flat out stating they don't exist.
Magic Siberians kittens and cats are truly hypoallergenic. 

As J.K. Rowling once said, "Whether you come back by page or by the big screen,

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

-And just like Hogwarts, your Siberian kitten will always be there to welcome you home with open paws.

So, if you're looking for a furry companion that's equal parts love and loyalty,

a Magic Siberian kitten is the purrfect choice.

Interested in joining the waitlist for a future litter? Please email us to request an application form.

In order to keep the waitlist limited to serious customers only, the commitment is a 

$500 non-refundable deposit to join which goes toward the total cost of your kitten.

Upon making your deposit, you can lock in your kitten price with a signed "Kitten Purchase Agreement". 

Imagine a Kitten in your Life!
Put her on YourVision Board!

Baby Stormy at 3 months


Grown up Storm at 1 year

   Same circular Hammock ...                     ...                ... She thinks she still fits! 


We specialize in breeding Neva Masquerade Siberian cats like Stormy, which are the most beautiful of all

Hypo-Allergenic (lowest allergen producing) Siberian Cats. Our kittens are have rare coloring with bright blue eyes, mostly white bodies, and gray markings on their ears, tails, and face mask.

Even more rarely, we may have a litter with sunshine and silver coloring. 

Our Queens Storm & Fraya are all blue Point Neva Masquerade with white as well as our sire Adonis, and their kittens will most likely look generally like them.  We are excited to see each litter, because each individual kitten is unique. 


We service the entire USA specifically Texas, Houston, Dallas, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Canada, and wold wide. 

Steps to Getting your Kitten: 


1)  If you have allergies or asthma it is recommended to first test your allergies in your home with a fur sample.

Currently, samples will be created after payment is received and may take 1 week to receive.

EMAIL US FIRST: Then after given the go -ahead, please Zelle the $50 payment for the fur sample/allergy test using (469)584-1894 as the recipient. 

After payment has been sent.  Please email us at to request your fur sample. Tell us which method you used to pay and include your mailing address, and we will start building your fur sample.   


2) Schedule a visit to pet a Siberian cat if you would like to test your allergies in person. This could be with us (when possible) or another breeder near you.  Please see the Contact page for how to schedule a meeting. 


3) Email us to request the application form.  When you are ready, return the completed application form and pay the $100 deposit to join the waitlist.


Keep In Touch to  ...

Bring Love Home



Call or Text Us:  1(469)584-1894


Please contact us with any questions not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions page or to request a waitlist application. 

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Your Furbaby is waiting to Play in TEXAS 
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