Raising a Kitten

For many of us with asthma & allergies this may be the first kitten or pet we have ever had due to being allergic to every animal up until the discovery of this amazing breed. Understandably, it can seem a bit overwhelming to figure out how to raise a kitten and deal with common issues that may arise as a kitten parent. Below are some tips, recommendations, and tricks to help you along your pet parent journey.  Some of the below info is specific to Magic Siberians policies, while other information is general for any cat. 

Kitten Care Recommendations 

What should I know about litter box training? What kind of litter should I use? 

 Your kitten is already litter trained by the time he/she goes home with you and uses the adult size litter boxes. We use covered, uncovered, and the Cat Genie in our home while raising them.

Please see our Kitten Supplies page for links to all the needed items, products, toys, type of food and litter your kitten is use to.

All cats will have accidents outside of the litter box or possibly even urinate outside of the box due to some emotional stressor (visitors, adding another pet, etc). Odoban is useful in cleaning up these messes. 

A litter pad can also help clean the excess litter off their feet when they exit the box. 

What kind of food should I feed my kitten? 

Your kitten is used to eating dry food (with free feeding left out 24/7 for snacking between meals). 

Wet food is required more days than not. Your kitten eats about 1/2 a can once to twice a day. He or she will graduate up to a whole can once a day as he/she grows. 

Cats and kittens love treats on a special occasion. Too much though can cause diarrhea, so go slow. 

Are there any other things I should do to prepare for my kitten? 

A cat tree gives the kitten a place to climb, play, and perch. Any type will do but we recommend something tall with a hammock (circular sleeping area) like the tall tree linked on our Kitten Supplies page. 

A water fountain helps keep their water fresh and filled.  They like to drink from moving water more than from stagnant water. A well hydrated kitten/cat can prevent a lot of health problems and keep your fur baby healthy.  

We have some more preparation tips on the website Kitten Supplies page.

A wellness plan is also a great idea for the first year of life. The Banfield plan is a good option and since your kitten will already be neutered you don't need to get the more expensive package. It is expected for the new owner to have the kitten evaluated by a veterinarian within seven days of possession to verify good health and continue routine care. 

Baby proof your home; meaning hide, cover, or tie up all electrical cords. Most cats try chewing on cords at some point and it can be very dangerous. Watch this Youtube video for more ideas and warnings. 

 A robot vacuum to help control the cat hair in your home and clean up the escape litter is also helpful. 

Communicable viruses, diseases, other illnesses, injuries, or any problems from a lack of veterinarian care do not apply to our health guarantee after the kitten leaves our cattery since those are out of our control.  For these reasons, we highly recommend obtaining a wellness plan such as through Banfield especially for the first year of life. 

​We also strongly recommend having a pet health insurance policy like with Trupanion: when you purchase a kitten with us, we give you a code to obtain 30 days of free health care coverage starting on the day you take your kitten home.

After the initial free 30 days you may switch to another company that may be cheaper like Lemonade, or Petplan. The most important thing is to have health care coverage to begin on the day the kitten is in your possession or that of your courier.  

Poisonous Plants 

*IMPORTANT* Rid your home of any plants that are toxic to cats

Do not allow toxic (to cats) plants of any type into your home. Watch for bouquets from loved ones around birthdays or valentines day.  If they contain any species of lilies or other poisonous plants, place the flowers outside far away from where your cat can reach. If a cat licks even a drop of water from a lily plant they can die within 24-72 hours. See this Youtube video all about poisonous plants. Then see this YouTube video for a personal story. 

Before purchasing any indoor plants please research online if that species is poisonous to cats because many are. 


   Your kitten will be microchipped prior going home. You must register your kitten's Microchip number as soon as possible as it can aid in locating your kitten/cat if ever he or she is lost. A good service to register your microchip number with for location assistance is Free Pet Chip Registry, which is free!

Allergies to your Cat

Siberian cats are hypo-allergenic but not guaranteed to be 100% allergen free.  In the extremely rare event the new kitten owner or a loved one develops an allergy to their Siberian kitten the responsibility to re-home the kitten/cat is solely that of the new owner.  The goal would be to re-home your kitten to someone that you trust and are close with. Magic Siberians cannot grant refunds or returns of the kitten. However, if the new owner is unable to find a suitable home for their kitten/cat we request that you please let Magic Siberians know. In extenuating circumstances Magic Siberians may be able to accept a kitten/cat back and offer a re-homing service for an additional fee of $1,500. A fee would be required due to the difficulty with re-homing an older kitten/cat, costs of daily needs (food, litter, vet care, etc.), health insurance, and veterinarian care for the kitten/cat (routine and/or urgent). For these reasons it is very important to be certain prior to purchasing a Siberian kitten and it is recommended to speak with your healthcare provider, perform allergy fur testing, and visit a Siberian cattery to pet a cat prior to reserving a kitten.

Click here for a video discussing the dangers of outdoor living for cats and ways to make your cat enjoy the indoors more.


 When you pick up your kitten you will be given a TICA (The International Cat Association) form so you can register your kitten as a pedigree cat and you may order the pedigree online at TICA.org using the information from the form. If interested, the pedigree from TICA will give you the names of the kitten's parents and grandparents up to 3-5 generations depending on which one you order. 

     You will also get a copy of the latest medical records indicating which vaccines and tests have already been performed and which vaccines are coming due. 

Lastly, you will get a code for the free 30 days of pet health insurance with Turpanion.